Fondriest is a legendary Italian bicycle, founded by 1988 World Champion Maurizio Fondriest. A boutique brand at best, Fondriest awareness in America was limited. Financial troubles in the mid-2000s caused the brand's fortunes to dip even further. Fortunately, a new Italian owner breathed fresh life into Fondriest, as did a new U.S. importer, Albabici. Medley Communications was retained to boost the brand stateside and immediately embarked on a wide-ranging media relations campaign to re-aquaint and re-educate the cycling press that, indeed, Fondriest was back as a high-end, performance road bike.

The media relations campaign launched by Medley Communications positioned Fondriest as a rare made-in-Italy performance bicycle with an unmatched authentic Italian pedgree. The agency combined trade show pubilcity with media outreach to key editors in the cycling and outdoor press to showcase Fondriest's collection of race-inspired framesets and complete bikes.

The result? In 18 months, Medley Communications' work generated major reviews and kudos for Fondriest in nearly every leading cycling publication and online news source. Velo, Bicycling, Road, Road Bike Action, Cyclocross Review, BikeRumor, PezCyclingnews, BikeHugger, and countless more have run positive reviews of Fondriest Bikes. Editors of the highly regarded and widely read Outside magazine named the Fondriest TF3 its “Gear of the Year” bike for 2011.